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The Delieuze house is a passion and a know-how of the olive since 1845, with the aim of proposing and making you discover quality olives, accessible to all.

Since 2020, Delieuze has joined Brousse and this operation has brought together two families who have been able to perpetuate a family entrepreneurial heritage over 6 generations for the Delieuze and 4 generations for the Brousse. The integration of the DELIEUZE company allows the BROUSSE group to strengthen its position in the olive sector by consolidating its sourcing in Morocco and also by expanding into Spain and Greece (Kalamata) in order to offer products that are accessible to all.

Delieuze is thus added to the group's brand portfolio, which can be found in stores and accompanies Brousse & Fils, a brand dedicated to dried fruit, with direct sourcing for Mediterranean fruit in particular.

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