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our delieuze olives

Our olives are sourced around the Mediterranean basin, in Morocco, Spain and Greece. We offer excellent quality olives, used for tapenade, table olives, to garnish salads, as inclusions in breads and many other uses according to your needs.


Since the integration of Delieuze into the Brousse Vergez group, we are committed to offering simple and natural recipes. We are committed to reducing additives and our range now includes citric acid-free and gluconate-free olives.


Green, black or Greek-style olives, we offer our olives in different containers, according to your needs and constraints. Most of our olives are available in all these different formats:

  • 5 kg buckets

  • 20 kg buckets

  • 5 kg bags

  • 5 kg vacuum bags

  • 4250 ml cans

  • drums 200 kg

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