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Delieuze Logo


Renowned in Greece, our Kalamata olives arrive in stores. Almond-shaped with a color between deep purple and black, these olives with firm and fleshy flesh reveal a rich and fruity taste.

Our pitted green olives are now also prepared in a brand new recipe with 25% less salt to retain the original flavor of our olives.

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Expertise at the service of professionals

Specialized in olives since 1845, we offer professionals customized products adapted to their needs. At Delieuze, our distribution channels are multiple: specialized wholesalers, food industries, supermarkets, export, Cash & Carry.

The Delieuze house, more than 100 years of know-how dedicated to olives


A family history that dates back to 1845 and takes on new life in 2020.


A historical partnership with our suppliers and a controlled production.


Olives that offer a bouquet of flavors and a unique texture.

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9, rue Rabelais CS20207
13322 Marseille Cedex 16

Phone: 04 88 66 08 80
Fax: 04 88 66 08 98


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